You Can’t Do It All: The Problem of Balancing Time

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I have a full-time — job. I have three children at home. I have a wife and a marriage to keep healthy. I’m a homeowner. I have lots of family and friends who need some of my social time. I have a number of community commitments as well. I have hobbies and interests that want some of my time, too. I also have all of the basic human upkeep that everyone has — sleep, hygiene, food, and water.

Here’s the truth: there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to give the time I need to give to each of those things. It simply isn’t there.

A common strategy, and one I leaned into for many years, was to take a lot of shortcuts. I slept five hours a night. We got food from restaurants. We even tried out things like housecleaning services and laundry services.

What happened? We found ourselves in a financial hole, one that ended up making our careers even more essential and made them suck up even more of our time. Walking that tightrope at work, at… Read More

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