Working from Home? Improve Productivity and Motivation

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Are you working from home for the first time? With the Covid-19 outbreak, people across the world were forced to adopt telecommuting quickly. Sure, working from home has several advantages, like not wasting any time on the daily commute or spending money on transportation costs. But that doesn’t mean working remotely is a breeze for everyone.

Earlier, you were used to working in a professional setup, where you were directly or indirectly motivated by your coworkers and supervisors. Feeling the same level of productivity at home with toddlers or pets running around may not be easy at first. But it’s certainly achievable.

In this post, we share some effective tips to find productivity when working at home. Take a look.


1. Don’t Work on the Bed

You won’t feel motivated if you decide to work on your bed. Apart from that, your mind will start associating the bed as a place of wo… Read More

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