Why Used Pickup Trucks Are Smart Business Investments

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It’s important for start-ups and fairly new businesses to monitor their cash flow. For an example, a new business may need pickup trucks to deliver their services or products. However, what is the best way to invest in them?

Usually there are two options, leasing and purchasing. Leasing can mean lower expenses needed up front. However, the financial margin between a new car lease and a new car purchase can be fairly slim. Plus, a lease is not an investment. It’s strictly a rental arrangement with a fancier name.

New businesses can save money by purchasing quality used pickup trucks, rather than leasing new ones. Here are three benefits of buying used pickup trucks over leasing new ones. These benefits should help you decide if buying a used pickup truck is a good idea for your new business.

1. Variety of Options for Used Pickup Trucks

When you lease from a dealership, all of the trucks are exactl… Read More

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