What the Derecho Storm Taught Me About Preparing for Disasters

Sourced from https://www.thesimpledollar.com/financial-wellness/9-ways-to-prepare-for-natural-disaster

On August 10, a derecho blew through a large band of the Midwest. Stretching across central Iowa, northern Illinois, and portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana, this “derecho” was a megastorm, featuring 80+ miles per hour sustained winds and gusts up to and over 130 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, my home was directly in the line of the worst part of this storm. While our home did not receive too much direct damage, many homes, apartments and businesses near us — including our neighbors — received significant damage, with some homes suffering a total loss. Coupled with the damage was a lack of electricity for several days, which meant dealing with refrigerated and frozen food loss and a severe reduction in food preparation options, among other concerns.

Over the years, we’ve done lots of things to prepare for various kinds of natural disasters. We learned pretty quickly that some things did not help, while other things were extremely helpful…. Read More

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