What Are the Best (Affordable) Suburbs for Raising a Family in the U.S.?

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All across America, some families are choosing to forgo city life for the suburbs. According to a recent survey from The Harris Poll, nearly one-third of Americans are looking to move from denser areas to more open spaces, with many citing the COVID-19 pandemic as a primary concern. With space in urban districts already at a premium, many city-dwellers are contemplating moving to regions with a smaller population and larger lots for houses.

Using recent rankings provided by Niche, we compiled a list of 25 affordable suburbs in America that are the best for raising a family. Niche calculated the rankings by providing a comprehensive assessment of key factors — the quality of local schools, safety, affordability, and access to family amenities, to measure the appeal of an area for families.

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#25. University Gardens, New York
City: New York City
Population: 4,202
Median home value: $750,500
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