We can't stop watching these weird '80s Apple commercials

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We can't stop watching these weird '80s Apple commercials

Television commercials have always been weird. Sometimes they masquerade as entertainment, as in the case of Amazon’s celeb-filled, Alexa-themed 2019 Super Bowl ad or, in other instances, serious art, like those eerie David Lynch-helmed PlayStation 2 ads. But the idea behind ads remains the same regardless of the era in which they were made: Companies want to sell you stuff.

Apple is one of the best examples of this. The company behind the Mac, iPhone, and AirPods has been producing TV ads for decades that sometimes straddle the intersection of the bizarre and iconic. Since a new treasure trove of Apple nostalgia called the Apple Archive popped up earlier this month, we’ve been trawling it for digital gold, and we’d like to share our findings. Read more…

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