Video Marketing: What Are the Benefits?

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If you’re not living under a rock in this digital world, you would know that video marketing has become the most effective way of getting your point across. YouTube is now the world’s second biggest search engine, with over 1 billion hours of video content consumed on the platform.

Also, in the next 2 years online videos will comprise over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This is a 1500% jump from 2017! That’s not all, 95% of viewers retain a message when it’s shown on video against a measly 10% who read it on text. Also, 72% of customers prefer learning about a service via video.

When these facts stare at you, it becomes extremely clear, very quickly that your business should also add a video marketing element to its strategy, irrespective of its size and scale. Video marketing can help level the playing field for small businesses by helping them stand out against their bigger competitors.

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