Unblock and watch American Netflix for under £2 a month

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Unblock and watch American Netflix for under £2 a month

SAVE 85%: A three-year subscription to ZenMate VPN is on sale for £1.44 per month as of Feb. 4, saving you 85% on list price.

We’re all looking for more shows and films to watch at the moment, but it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to every streaming service out there. Instead of dropping a bunch of cash every month on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and whatever else has caught your attention, you could use a VPN to boost your content options.

VPNs can bypass geo-restrictions to unlock content from other locations, meaning you can access libraries that would normally be unavailable. By hiding your real IP address and connecting to a server in another country, you can trick a site into thinking you are based somewhere else. It’s that easy. Read more…

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