Timeless Principles to Use Through Thick and Thin

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Over the past few days, as my own family has settled into social distancing with Sarah and the kids all home from school and all of us spending a lot of time together at home, and watching the news of illness and stock market crashes, I’ve been looking for wisdom in the words of people who have made it through similar trying times. What worked for them? How did they get through it?

I wanted to share some of those with you today.

“Our necessities never equal our wants.” – Benjamin Franklin

If there’s a lesson that we all will learn in the coming days, it’s that the things we need are a whole lot less than the things we think we need.

The truth is that in the best of times, the fulfillment of many of our wants and desires become indistinguishable from fulfilling needs. We lose track of what we want as opposed to what we need and lump them all together into one pool.

We don’t actually need that much to have a joyous and … Read More

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