Three questions your business must answer.

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Three questions your business must answer. written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Straight to the point – here are the three questions:

Do you get me?
Can I trust you?
Did you keep your promise?

Now, of course, the tricky part is that no one actually comes out and asks you these questions, but answering them, in often subtle ways, is the key to any successful relationship – business or personal.

Think of these questions as relationship stages.

Stages of a relationship

Here’s the thing you must accept. The company that can more clearly communicate that they understand what’s going on in the mind and heart of the prospect wins. 

Addressing a prospect’s problem upfront is a little like doing a puzzle, and it involves an evolving journey. Think about the last time you wrestled with a thorny issue. Did you wake one morning from your slumber and exclaim, “I’ve got it, problem solved.” I’m guessing no.

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