Thoughtful DIY and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. As Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love, many couples use that day as an opportunity to exchange some symbol of that love. Of course, many companies jump right on this bandwagon and nudge people who want to show their love toward expensive items like jewelry, flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners and more.

The truth is that, for most couples, what really matters is the meaning, not the sticker attached to it. Often, a really thoughtful small gift or, even better, something you’ve made yourself can perfectly fit the bill without adding to the credit card balance.

Those types of gifts take time and thought. So, here are some suggestions for some inexpensive and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts, many of which you can make yourself if you give yourself ample time over the next month.

Write a truly loving note in your own handwriting.

There are few gifts that you can give to your partner… Read More

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