This app turns business books into 10-minute summaries

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This app turns business books into 10-minute summaries

TL;DR: Access over 20,000 book summaries with a three-year subscription to the getAbstract Book Summaries Starter Plan for $99.99, a 66% savings as of March 5.

Your curiosity may be infinite, but your time definitely isn’t. We’re all struggling to complete our daily to-do lists, while also trying to get adequate sleep, eat healthy, work out, and be social. Modern life barely leaves us time to breathe, so how can we nourish our infinitely curious brains? Well, to put it simply, there’s an app for that.

getAbstract is an app that finds, rates, and summarizes top business books into quick 10-minute summaries to fuel your desire for knowledge and growth. Harvard professor Bob Eccles said it best, ”My most limited resource is time. My most valuable asset is knowledge. Thanks to getAbstract, I can abso… Read More

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