Survey: 30% of Americans Think 2020 is an Ideal Time to Buy a Home, Despite Record Unemployment

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The economic outlook in the U.S. isn’t so hot right now. A record-breaking number of Americans filed unemployment claims  in recent months, the stock market is all over the place and the hits from the COVID-19 pandemic just keep coming.

But despite the economic turmoil, a surprising number of Americans still think 2020 is an ideal time to buy a home. According to a recent survey by The Simple Dollar, three in ten (30%) Americans think this year is the best time to purchase a house or property.

What isn’t surprising is why — out of the 30% of Americans who think 2020 is an ideal time to buy a home, 68% cited low mortgage interest rates as an advantage or opportunity when buying a home or property in 2020. Given that mortgage rates are at record lows, this rationale makes perfect sense.

Survey results

30% agree with the statement that 2020 is an ideal time for [them] to buy a home or property
68% of those in agreement see low mortgage interest rates as an adv… Read More

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