Successful Employee Training Requires Clear Communication

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The purpose of employee training and development is to facilitate company processes and, ultimately, increase ROI for time spent and resources invested. However, when employees don’t feel vested in their own training, this purpose is rarely achieved. What is the solution? In this post we offer some suggestions.

Meet Hannah

Picture this
all-too-common scenario: Advertising Client Services Manager Hannah is quietly
working through a mountain of orders, barely keeping her head above water.

Just one
disaster, like a file sent out in the wrong format or some glitch in the ad itself,
could set her back as much as half a day, making her feel even more

In the midst of
tackling this already daunting amount of work, she receives an email from her
boss casually letting her know that the company will soon be switching from Helpdesk
Support Software A to Helpdesk Support Software B.

There is no accompanying explanation of how this imple… Read More

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