Starting a CBD Business? Here Are 5 Tips

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Featured image from Washarapol D BinYo Jundang on Pexels

With hundreds of CBD dispensaries and online stores popping up all over the nation, savvy entrepreneurs are considering the benefits and possibilities of starting their own CBD business. The supplement has taken the world by storm as misconceptions are laid to rest and the benefits of CBD are clearly laid out for all to see.

The Industry Expects Rapid Growth

Moreover, investors are jumping into this market quickly to judge by the numbers. In fact, research suggests that CBD consumer sales will reach $1.8 billion by 2022 and $23 billion by 2025. Right now, consumer sales are around $813 million, so the growth rate is rapid and fruitful.

However, the CBD business does carry some restrictions. Many states do not allow local sale of CBD. This means you can’t open a local dispensary. However, any state that has legalized the use of marijuana allows the sale of CBD at brick-and-mortar locatio… Read More

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