Saving Money Under a Stay-At-Home Order

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Many of us are at home riding out the days of a stay-at-home order. If we’re lucky, we’re working from home; if not, we might be receiving unemployment and waiting for an opportunity to get back to work.

In any case, it’s in the best interest of a lot of us to find ways to cut back on our spending, even under the restriction of staying at home. The less we can spend right now, the better, because the future is uncertain.

Here are some excellent strategies for saving money while under a stay at home order.

Remember, you’re naturally saving money by not going out and doing minimal shopping.

Almost everyone is spending less money right now than they did before a stay at home order began in their area. Simply put, a lot of businesses that might otherwise gobble up our dollars and cents simply aren’t open right now, and our own personal choices and restrictions might be keeping us from patronizing those that are open.

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