Remote Human Resources Jobs To Consider in 2020

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Normally, when you think of someone working in HR, you imagine someone in a suit, behind a desk, wearing glasses.

But now that we’re in a more mobile economy, even HR positions can be done from home.

This is especially good for those who need to work from home to take care of young kids or sick family members, or just for people who want the freedom to work wherever they want.

In today’s post, we give you a list of remote human resources jobs you can apply for, as well as some tips for you to snag that position.

Types Of Human Resources Jobs You Can Do Remotely

There are plenty of positions you can search for in various job sites and forums. Here are some examples of roles that are possible to do remotely as well as their usual responsibilities. Note that these responsibilities may vary per company.

1. Recruitment Specialist/Talent Acquisition Specialist

This is probably the most common job position that you’ll encounter on job hu… Read More

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