Money Doesn’t Always Answer to Math

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Recently, I got sucked into a random Facebook thread that blew my mind — and not in a good way. The thread, which was started by a journalist in a business-related group I belong to, implored people to share how they planned to spend their tax refund this year. This shouldn’t have been controversial, but it escalated quickly once a few financial planners chimed in.

One in particular shamed the female journalist for even bringing up a tax refund. Financially educated people should never “give an interest-free loan to the government,” he said, adding that people in that particular group should “know better.”

I laughed out loud because, first off, the journalist wasn’t asking for advice on tax refunds; she was asking for personal stories to share in an article she was writing. But, she was a woman, and the amount of mansplaining done by male financial advisors I deal with seems nearly endless. Any time certain financial advisor types see an opportunity to i… Read More

After 'Infinity War,' which 'Avengers 4' heroes will lead the fight?

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SPOILERS AHEAD for Avengers: Infinity War. This post discusses the end of the new movie in detail, so you should stop reading here if you haven’t seen it.

Whether or not you saw it coming, the explosive “basically everyone you love is dead now” ending to Avengers: Infinity War spells major implications for the events of Avengers 4.

Here’s what we know: Thanos won, assembling the Infinity Gauntlet and completing his goal of wiping out half the population … Read More

Seattle reminds us it's past time to throw out old marijuana convictions

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Seattle is leading the way. 

The city is on the verge of tossing out old convictions for marijuana possession, and with legalization spreading across the country it’s past time other cities and states follow suit. 

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According to The Hill, officials are looking to vacate old possession charges which have dogged 542 people over the years. In a statement, S… Read More

How Much Money Can You Save by Starting a Home-Based Business?

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Starting a home-based business is one of the best ways to save money. Imagine being able to save on expensive office space, the commute to the office, and all the other bills that come with having a job or running a business outside of your home.

Once you act on your business ideas you can get creative with how you save money by running a home-based business.

Here are some easy ways in which setting up a home-based business can save a lot of money. So get ready to trade the office for the sofa.


$2000-$3000 on Commutes

The main advantage of running a business from home is you’ll save a lot of money on simply not having to travel to the office. Think about how much you spend on gas just going to and from work every year.

If you must travel for one hour every day that amounts to hundreds of dollars every year.

So how much can you realistically save?

Let’s say you travel 20 or more miles to work. Working from home could save y… Read More

Content Marketing Tips For Your Service Business

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, close to 90% of businesses today are using content marketing to market their goods and services. However, a huge number of businesses struggle with effectively promoting their services on the web due to lack of skills and experience. If you are doubtful on how to leverage this strategy effectively, here are some content marketing tips to consider. Publish Evergreen Content If you want to get the most out of your content marketing strategy, then you must be ready to create content that offers value to you readers regardless of when you publish it. One

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Researchers spot colliding galaxies interacting in the early universe

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The earliest eons of the universe were turbulent and violent. 

Newly found data shows that back then — just 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang set this cosmic experiment in motion — a group of 14 galaxies in the midst of star formation merged and interacted with one another. 

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The galaxies found in the new data, which was collected by the European… Read More

Blogging: Things You Need to Know About It Before You Start

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A few years ago, if you told people you were blogging, you would often be met with a blank look. Or one that clearly asked, “So, when are you going to get a real job?”

However, things have changed since then. Blogging has become a lucrative occupation. As a matter of fact, some people earn as much as $30,000 a month with a blog. With figures like this, it’s easy to understand why many people are looking for more information on how to create a blog.


What Is Blogging?

In case you have no idea what blogging is, let’s start by giving a definition. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) defines a blog simply as an online personal diary. A blog contains the blogger’s opinions and thoughts on various elements of life. The name “blog” is a shortening of the words “web log.”


The Difference Between a Website and Blog

Is there a difference between a blog and a website? Indeed there is. A blog is diff… Read More

Key Man Life Insurance: Why Your Small Business Needs It

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Key man life insurance is, to put it simply, life insurance that’s placed on a key person by a business. It protects the business from financial loss in case of the death of the key person.

The main difference between a traditional life insurance policy and a key man life insurance policy is that in a key man insurance policy the business is the owner, payer, and beneficiary of the plan.


Do You Need Key Man Life Insurance?

When you start a small business or are self-employed, you are the key man—even if you’re a woman.

You may have investors such as family and friends who would be financially affected if you were to die before they saw a return on their investment.

That’s because when you start a small business, you wear all of the hats. You’re the:

Vice President

In short, for anything your business requires, you are the person in charge. And if you die … Read More