Waste Disposal: Common Problems and Possible Solutions

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Every business on the planet, no matter how small, has a responsibility to dispose of waste properly, as well as to participate with the global community in a search for answers. In this post, we discuss some common waste disposal problems and suggest some useful remedies.

The Environmental Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

Irresponsible handling and disposal of wastes have huge environmental effects that lead to ever more serious problems.

For example, some wastes that are buried underground do not rot. Moreover, not all wastes burn. Often, decomposing wastes often generate smells that people find distressing.

Additionally, some wastes give off dangerous gases such as methane. Some of these gases can be explosive or toxic, not to mention their contribution to the planet’s greenhouse effect.

Waste disposal involves various processes, including collection, transportation, dumping, recyc… Read More

12 Simple Ways to Keep Food Scraps from Going to Waste

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Some part of me has always deeply disliked throwing food away. Even if it’s a food scrap, I still don’t like throwing it away.

Whether it’s the lessons learned from growing up without much money, my own frugality by choice as an adult or my simple aversion to wasting food, it makes me feel extremely wasteful when I put any food in the trash or the garbage disposal.

Over the years, however, I’ve found lots of ways to turn food scraps and food waste into things that are genuinely useful. Here are twelve things that I do just as a matter of routine that keep food scraps from going to waste.

1. Turn the remains of your rotisserie chicken into chicken stock.

Sarah and I went through a period where we were practically addicted to those whole rotisserie chickens you could buy at the grocery store. We’d buy one, take it home and literally sit there picking the meat off the bones as our dinner. We’d then toss what was left in the fridg… Read More

12 Strategies for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Working Remotely

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For the last several years, almost every hour of professional work that I’ve put in has been remote work. Although I write in Iowa, the team that keeps The Simple Dollar running is located around the country. Other writing I’ve done, such as pieces for US News and World Report, has been remote as well. I know the ins and outs of working in an environment where there aren’t any coworkers or management within many miles of me.

What I’ve learned is this: working remotely has a ton of upside in terms of flexibility, but it is incredibly easy to get distracted and fall into low productivity routines.

So, how do I make that work? How do I get the most value out of remote work? How do I avoid traps of distraction and low focus?

Here are twelve strategies I live by to get things done while working remotely.

12 strategies to help your productivity while working remotely
1. Have a place to work that’s entirely work-focused.

In the past… Read More

17 Legit Ways to Get Free Toys (for Your Kids or Giveaway!)

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Do you want free toys for your kids? Any time you can save money is a good thing! And what better way to save money than by getting stuff for free? Well, there are lots of ways you can get toys without having to pay for them. In this post, I’ll cover some really easy… Continue…

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Why Should You Hire an IT Consultant?

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Why should you hire an external IT consultant?

Just imagine for a moment that your company’s main server has crashed, and you have to get it up and running immediately. All your data is at stake and your entire operation is on the line.

However, the head of your IT department is out having shoulder surgery, and the other IT team members are ill-equipped to handle the emergency.

It’s times like these when you really need an external IT consultant. You need an expert you can call who will get your server up and running quickly.


Optimize Your IT Structure with the Right Consultant

Today’s businesses are quickly moving to digital, mobile, and cloud services.

To keep up with the competition and improve your business processes, you need to have a highly optimized IT infrastructure.

However… Read More

Crafting Growth-Focused Content for Your Business

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Crafting Growth-Focused Content for Your Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Lance Cummins
Podcast Transcript

Lance Cummins headshotOn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I visit with Lance Cummins, founder and President of Nectafy, the growth content company.

If you know anything about marketing today, you know that it’s all about content. But with that word getting tossed around … Read More

Moving into an apartment with a crappy kitchen? Get a toaster oven.

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Moving into an apartment with a crappy kitchen? Get a toaster oven.

Apartment hunting season has crept up once again, making many of us face the decisions we’ve pretended weren’t happening for the past few months: Do I care about a dishwasher or laundry in unit? Is the fridge in this kitchen even full-size?

If you’ve found the perfect, affordable place but can’t shake the idea that the kitchen looks like one that kids would play house in, the simple purchase of a toaster oven is a smart compromise. A microwave can’t do everything, and that precious block of counter space could be put to better use with an appliance that can air fry, toast breakfast sandwiches, roast meat, or bake pizza and small casserole dishes. Read more…

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Transcript of Crafting Growth-Focused Content for Your Business

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Transcript of Crafting Growth-Focused Content for Your Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

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John Jantsch: Want to quickly send amazing looking emails to your prospects and customers in just minutes? AWeber is the market leader in making email marketing powerfully simple for a small business. Visit aweber.com for a 30-day free trial.

John Jantsch: Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. This is John Jantsch, and my guest today is Lance Cummins. He is the president of Nectafy, a company billed as a growth content company. We’re going to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, how his company runs, and maybe what else he’s up to on the side. So Lance, th… Read More

Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card Review

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is a hotel credit card that truly delivers. Frequent travelers and Marriott loyalists will love this card’s generous rewards, including a sign up bonus worth $600, 6x points for every dollar spent on eligible Marriott purchases and 2x points for all other purchases. You also be awarded a free night every year after your account anniversary — potentially worth several hundred dollars — and the fifth night free when you book at least five consecutive nights at a Marriott hotel.

What we like about the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless™ Credit Card

For a limited time there’s a 100,000 point sign up bonus after you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening, helping you earn extra value from the card during the first year
Earn 6x points on eligible Marriott purchases and 2x points on everything else, which are cash back rat… Read More