‘Financial Success Only Works for Other People’

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One of the most interesting things that occurs with The Simple Dollar is the sharing that goes on with the site and with the email newsletter (some readers receive the articles from the site in email form). People share articles to others on social media or by forwarding an email, and sometimes those people will share it, and so on, and eventually an article makes it into the hands of someone who feels the need to tell me how wrong I am about the relatively simple math of frugality and financial success.

Usually, the response I’ll get (via email or social media) boils down to one core idea: “Sure, what you talk about might work for someone who is rich, but it doesn’t work for most Americans.” I hear that again and again and again and again.

So, let’s start with some reality from my own financial journey.

When Sarah and I started our financial turnaround, we lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment that was about 600 square feet. Our co… Read More

Is Awol Academy a Scam? Find out in my AWOL Academy Review

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  Name: AWOL Academy Website: https://www.awolacademy.com Owner(s): Kameron George & Keala Kanae Price: $99 – $9,997 Overall rank: 3 out of 5   AWOL Academy is described as the world’s most comprehensive internet marketing education and mentorship platform that has been around since 2015. So, the program is relatively new and it’s hard to say […]… Read More

Work At Home- Do You Have Self-Discipline?

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Work At Home- Do You Have Self Discipline?

In my previous post we looked at how important it is to have control over the financial aspects of starting a home business, and also how important it is to have your family on board with your business ideas.

However, It will not matter at all how much money you’ve managed to set aside to get started or how supportive your family is, the fact is if you can’t motivate yourself, you’re in big trouble. Self-discipline is one of the most important traits to have when you are starting a work at-home career. This goes for telecommuters who will work full- time for other companies, as much as it does for any online home business.

To make sure you have what it takes on this important matter, consider asking yourself these questions and answering with complete honesty:


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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies in 2018: All You Need to Know is HERE!

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  There is plenty of material available on the internet about affiliate marketing for dummies. Some materials are useful and really explain things very well while other materials are not. They explain things such as niche, keyword etc that are not clear for most people, especially for beginners in affiliate marketing. That’s why I decided […]… Read More

Is Dollar Shave Club Worth it? A Review (& 5 Things You Should Know About DSC!)

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How’s your face doing? Invested in it lately? And your legs or scalp? Maybe you have seen ads for the Dollar Shave Club and thought about buying in. Now you’re wondering what’s the smart choice? First, guys, if you have any self-doubts about paying good money for what some would call sheer vanity, don’t worry…. Continue…

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Identity Verification: Knowing Your Customers Are Who They Claim to Be

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Both businesses and consumers fall victim to Internet fraud schemes in increasing numbers every day. For this reason, companies are turning to identity verification solutions. In other words, businesses both large and small are becoming intent upon authenticating their customers.

According to the FBI, online thieves steal millions of dollars from their victims every year. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to protect not only themselves but also their customers.

Here are several reasons why companies should include identity verification on their website.


Identity Verification Combats Online Fraud

The change from magnetic strips on credit cards to computer chips has done a lot to reduce instances of fraud at the retail level. However, this technological advancement has done nothing to help online businesses. And it’s important to note that online fraudulent transactions are expected to exceed $6 billion over the next year.

F… Read More

The Importance of Building up Your Business with Great Online Reviews

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When you start a business, customer satisfaction is one of the main things you should be striving to attain. Obviously, you want to do well for your customers and have them appreciate the work that you do for them. What’s more, you want to delight them with the services or products you provide. More than that, you should also realize that a customer who takes the time to give you a positive review in some kind of online forum is doing much of your marketing work for you. That’s because online reviews can really boost your business.

We live in a society where everything is up for criticism and praise. Moreover, the internet makes it increasingly easy for everyone to weigh in on just about every aspect of modern life. Many people make their choices by visiting sites that aggregate online reviews. Take, for example, the way that Gazblogs.com can inform you of all of the best men’s grooming products and much more. When you can make it onto a site like that with your… Read More

3 Easy Tips for Improving Your Instagram Marketing

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Today, there are multiple digital apps, and many of them have millions of users. For instance, if you do any Instagram marketing, you’re competing for the attention of more than 600 million users.

Most of these users take the time to go through their Instagram news feed every day. What’s more, many of them take the extra step of regularly liking and commenting on the posts they see as well.

In short, more and more people are engaging with their favorite brands and services on Instagram. Therefore, so that your Instagram marketing can be truly effective, your business needs to have a strong presence on that platform. When it does, you will be able to actively engage with your audience and amplify their awareness of your brands.




Tips for Improving Your Instagram Marketing

As we just mentioned, using Instagram to engage with your audience… Read More

Why Do Most People Fail When Starting An MLM Business?

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Why do most people fail when starting an MLM business?

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular home business opportunities that people get involved with Multi Level Marketing or (MLM).

Multi Level Marketing:


 It is proven statistics that 97% of people that start a multi level marketing business will fail.

Multi level marketing get’s it name from the pay structure. You can earn a commission from the people you personally sponsor or bring into the company as a distributor. These people go into your first level and you earn a commission from their personal sales.

When someone on your first level sponsors someone into the company as a distributor, these new people will then be on your second level. When someone on your second level brings in a new person as a distributor this n… Read More

The Key Ingredients to Startup Success in the Restaurant Industry

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Starting a restaurant and running it is a challenge. Having a great menu or heavily advertising may get you started, but it may not keep the doors open long-term. Achieving… Read more »

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