Netflix's 'Spycraft' takes an uncomplicated look at complex issues

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Netflix's 'Spycraft' takes an uncomplicated look at complex issues

When you watch a James Bond movie, is it mostly for the Q moments? Did you devour every story you could find on the mysterious “Havana syndrome” in Cuba? If you’re nodding vigorously in agreement, Spycraft is for you.

The new Netflix docuseries takes viewers on a guided tour through the work and tech of espionage. Each of the eight half-hour episodes focuses on a specific topic, highlighting an assortment of gadgets and techniques, and then backing it all up with historical context covering how these resources are put to use in the field.

It’s spy gadget porn and history lesson in equal measures, with episodes often painting a picture of how one particular espionage sub-discipline has evolved over the years. The history side of the series often brings the most fascinating revelations. Real-life spies mig… Read More

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