Looking to unblock YouTube? You’re not alone.

Sourced from https://mashable.com/article/unblock-youtube-study/

Looking to unblock YouTube? You’re not alone.

Have you ever tried to access your favorite website at work or school only to find that it’s been blocked?

Plenty of internet users have experienced exactly that, but it’s even worse if you live in a country that censors the web. And according to a new study by NordVPN, a virtual private network service provider, if you’re trying to get around internet restrictions — regardless of where in the world you live — you’re most likely trying to watch a video on YouTube.

Researchers at NordVPN analyzed Google search terms containing the keyword “unblock” for countries around the world. (NordVPN provides a service that acts as a workaround whether your favorite website is blocked at work or in your entire country; a VPN basically changes your IP address and routes your traffic through it so it looks like you’re located … Read More

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