Looking Ahead

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We are living through an unprecedented moment in modern history, the type of moment that we tell our children and grandchildren about in the future. The world will have likely changed in notable ways between the time I write this and the time you’re reading it. It feels unbelievable and scary and confusing all at the same time. This is an incredible chapter in the history of our lives, individually and collectively.

Yet, for almost all of us, it’s not the last chapter.

As this moment passes and life returns to some level of normalcy (likely with some changes, though those remain to be seen), many of the familiar cycle of life will return with it.

We’ll return to work in a more normal way. We’ll return to school. We’ll return to our houses of worship. We’ll gather again in our public places. We’ll travel. We’ll meet up with friends. We’ll have parties.

That sense of normalcy might feel far distant from … Read More

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