IT Projects vs. Non-IT Projects: A Managerial Perspective

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The project management process for IT projects is quite different from that of other types of projects. Here, we outline distinctions in terms of time, budget, and resources.

Every project, whether IT or non-IT, follows a life cycle. The life cycle is composed of the different phases of the project itself, from start to finish.

Without a proper process in place, the probability of reaching the final phase is significantly low. This process is known as project management. While project management is a difficult skill to master, it is very much worth learning. 

Moreover, for IT projects, mastery is necessary. This mastery includes a host of skills.

Project management allows teams to organize and tame the chaos. A clear path is mapped out from the start to ensure that the outcome meets or surpasses the goals. Project management also allows you to establish a s… Read More

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