Is Your College Charging an Extra $475 COVID Fee?

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Higher education in the United States has become very expensive. One of the main reasons is deep state budget cuts, which place a heavier financial weight on students. On a typical college or university bill, you’ll find tuition, room and board (unless you’re living off-campus) and a list of extra fees. And, this year, you might find another charge — the extra college COVID fee.

This new expense is being tacked on to many college and university bills “to share the costs of testing and reconfiguring campus facilities,” according to The New York Times. If you find this extra charge on your bill, it’s important to understand what that charge will and won’t cover in terms of testing and health coverage related to COVID-19.

How much are college COVID fees?

Extra COVID fees per semester vary widely, ranging from $50 to $475. The wide range depends on the exact level of testing and protective steps each college and university is taking, a… Read More

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