Inspiration from Susan David, Muhammad Ali, Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey, and More

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Once a month (or so), I share a dozen things that have inspired me to greater personal, professional, and financial success in my life. I hope they bring similar success to your life. Please enjoy the archives of earlier collections of inspirational things.

1. Scott Berinato: That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

Of all of the things I’ve read lately about all of the challenges facing us, this has hit home for me the most and given me the most positive food for thought.

Virtually every one of us right now is experiencing some form of serious discomfort. All of us. If you’re lucky, it’s mostly just due to dealing with changes in all of your routines with a healthy dollop of scary news on top of it. It only gets more uncomfortable and painful from there, cycling through job loss, massive financial uncertainty, health concerns, loss of loved ones… it’s an almost endless litany of individual stress, but it’s something that all of… Read More

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