Inspiration From Seneca, Ivy Lee, Coffee Cup Lids and More

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Once a month (or so), I share a dozen things that have inspired me to greater personal, professional and financial success in my life. I hope they bring similar success to your life. Please enjoy the archives of earlier collections of inspirational things.

1. Seneca on pleasure and punishment

“So called pleasures, when they go beyond a certain limit, are but punishments.” — Seneca

This has really been my quote of the month for the last month or so. It’s popped up in two or three things I’ve read and I actually wrote it down by hand and stuck it on the monitor of the computer I work at most days — which is a computer workstation on a standing desk in our basement.

You really can have too much of a good thing, and when you do, it’s not just diminishing returns, but an actual drawback. I love playing tabletop games and I have a collection of them that I’ve built up over 25 years or so, but I have so many that at times I&#8217… Read More

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