How to Improve Your Networking Approach

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Millions of people use networking as a way to land sales, find a new job, or just improve their access to resources. It can be a great strategy, enabling you to meet new people and maintain connections with those people. Eventually, you will find exactly the right folks you need to get closer to achieving your goals. But without the right tactics to master that strategy, networking can become ineffective.

How Networking Can Suffer

There are three main ways your networking strategy could fail:

You’re Spending Too Much Time

First, you could be spending too much time networking. If it takes you 20 hours a week to network and you only meet a handful of people, you’ll likely be missing out on other opportunities or sacrificing more important responsibilities. This is usually due to inefficient practices.

You’re Not Meeting Enough People

This is a factor of networking quantity. If you aren’t meeting enoug… Read More

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