How to host a Passover Seder on Zoom

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How to host a Passover Seder on Zoom

This year, people celebrating Passover might find themselves with an addition to their Seder tables: a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, used to connect with friends and family over a group video chat.

Passover is the eight-day Jewish festival that celebrates themes of springtime and freedom, centered on retelling the biblical story of the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. The holiday is an extremely social one: It involves gathering with friends and family over a religious meal called a Seder that’s filled with prayer, story, symbolic ritual, and — of course — good food.

But like so many would-be gatherings this spring, Passover will be different this year. Social distancing orders put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, make getting together for Passover with people outside of your own… Read More

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