How to Get Maximum Value From Your Pantry and Fridge

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If you’re like a lot of families I know, you probably have a surprising amount of food tucked away in various places in your home or apartment.

In our house, for example, we have a pantry that’s almost always quite full of nonperishable food items of all kinds. Much of it is staples, like flour, pasta, beans and canned tomatoes, but there are a lot of unusual ingredients in there bought for specific meals.

Those items have value, and there’s no better time than right now to start digging through those items, figuring out what you have, and putting some of that to good use. In fact, that’s something we’re actually doing today at our house!

Why? For starters, this enables us to use up things that are close to their expiration date. If we don’t get around to using those items, they’ll go stale or bad, and if we have to toss them, that’s just money thrown away. You’ll probably find a few items that are past their… Read More

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