How To Find Lost Shares Simply

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Some people inherit shares, some people receive them as an employee bonus or are given them by a well-meaning family member or friend. Initially, they’re pretty happy to receive them. But most people don’t know much about shares. After a while, they lose track of them, perhaps moving to a new address and forgetting to notify the share registry.

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Picture this: Your parents give you a brand new Ferrari for your 18th birthday. You’re pretty excited at first, but in all honesty, you don’t know that much about cars. You know it’s worth a bit of money, but you’re not sure how much. Then, you park the Ferrari in a public garage and can’t remember which one, or even what suburb it was in.

After a while, you sort of forget about it. When the subject comes up, you remember that you received the Ferrari. You just can’t quite remember what color it was, what model it was, and most importantly, where exactly it … Read More

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