How to Conduct a Small Business Brand Audit

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How to Conduct a Small Business Brand Audit written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing is an ongoing process. Once you’ve established your systems and processes, it’s important to continually check in and reevaluate. And that’s because, in the course of running a business, things change. Your brand expands or shifts focus. Your customers’ needs and expectations fluctuate. It’s important that you marketing efforts remain fluid so you can keep pace with the natural evolution of your business.

Conducting a brand audit is part of this process. This is a smart place for marketing consultants to begin when they start work with a new client. It’s helpful for small business owners to have an outside set of eyes evaluating their brand and providing feedback. And if you’re a consultant yourself, it’s important to audit your own brand once in a while!

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