How coronavirus changed my mind on meditation

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How coronavirus changed my mind on meditation

March Mindfulness is Mashable’s series that examines the intersection of meditation practice and technology. Because even in the time of coronavirus, March doesn’t have to be madness. 

I went to my first guided meditation class two years ago, at a studio in New York City called Inscape. I was there covering a smartwatch launch; the meditation part of the event wasn’t mandatory. I could have opted out, but none of the other reporters did. Peer pressure is a powerful force.

So we went into Inscape’s dome, its LED lights scattered throughout the ceiling and walls, and sat cross-legged on cushions. The room dimmed and a recorded voice instructed us to “close your eyes and feel your breath.” The speakers were quite loud, thankfully; no one could hear me when I let out what I hoped was a discreet laugh.  Read mor… Read More

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