How Barcodes Have Revolutionized Society

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What would our lives be like without barcodes? Are you old enough to remember what life was like before we had them? In this post, we explore our world’s relationship with barcodes.

The History of Barcodes

The first barcode was created in 1974. It was first used in a Marsh Supermarket in Ohio. Since then, the technology has advanced and barcodes have crept into every sphere of our lives.

They have changed the way society runs and how business is conducted worldwide. Moreover, as the technology behind them has advanced, we are developing new ways of using barcodes to make our everyday lives easier.

For example, SA Barcodes is one of the companies that is playing a part in this revolution. To this end, and for the advancement of the technology, they are offering you a chance to buy a barcode.

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