How Animal Crossing Made Me a Better Money Manager

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Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” is a huge hit, breaking sales records for the Nintendo Switch as more and more people start looking for ways to pass the time at home. But the game also teaches players about financial responsibility and managing debt.

If you’re not familiar with the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons lets you create a human person who moves to a small island filled with animal people and slowly builds out a home and a life there.

When you first get to the island, you meet with a raccoon named Tom Nook, who was kind enough to set you up with your travel arrangements, your property on the island, and the tent that you get to call your home. In return, he politely demands you pay him about 50,000 bells (the series’ in-game currency).

Once you pay off that debt, Nook decides that tents are no way to live, and offers to build you a house. Hooray!

Also, he leaves you 98,000 bells in debt.</p… Read More

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