Home Flipping Business: Making It Profitable

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Real estate is one of the most popular investments in the United States. In part, this is due to its capacity to generate wealth in multiple ways. One such method is to flip the property by buying low and selling at a profit. Starting a profitable home flipping business takes time and expertise. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Home Flipping Business Model

Flipping properties requires substantial up-front capital. It can be done as an independent business or as a side gig. The idea is to buy homes as cheaply as possible, fix them up and make them look presentable, then sell them for a profit. It sounds good in theory, but there are pitfalls with using this model to start a profitable business. 

Many successful businesses thrive on carefully managed real estate transactions. Some businesses specialize in buying homes as-is in cash. They make compelling offers to homeown… Read More

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