Head and Shoulders: A Pattern to Guide Your Trades

Sourced from https://www.business-opportunities.biz/2020/03/12/head-and-shoulders-pattern-forex-trades/

Photo by Bash Fish on Unsplash

Did you know there’s a technical signal that can alert you to a dramatic change in the markets? If you’re a Forex trader you really need to know about this signal. It’s called “head and shoulders,” and you can use it to better forecast the markets and improve the success of your trades.


What Causes a Change in the Markets?

If you’ve been trading Forex for a while, then you know that a change in the market in either direction represents an opportunity for you. If you’re smart about it, you have learned to stay alert for such changes, and you use a variety of technical signals to do so. In this post, we take a look at one of those signals, called head and shoulders.

Generally speaking, the markets change direction when governments make changes to their monetary policies. More rarely, changes in the markets happen when an un… Read More

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