Get Paid for Your Jokes with these 13 Sites

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If you’ve always been talented with making people laugh, why not use your good sense of humor to get paid for your jokes?

Yes, you read that right. You can earn some cash left and right, if you voluntarily share your funny stories, punch lines, and other hilarious jokes to the world.

There are two ways you can do this – write and publish the jokes, or write and perform it. So where do you begin?

Write for these Sites & Get Paid for Your Jokes

I mentioned a few of the sites that pay you to write funny in my massive writing gig post, but if you really want to dig deep and turn your humor into a real-money-paying “funny business,”  then this list of 13 websites could help you get started.

1. Funds for Writers ($50 per assignment)

If you have funny stories about being a freelance writer (or even not-so-funny ones), you can share your story or wisdom with other freelancers.

Funds for Writers like storypieces with “a d… Read More

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