Frugal Options in a Toilet Paper Shortage

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One of the most interesting things I noticed in the last few weeks is that people are searching Google with terms like “how to make toilet paper.” Likely, these folks found themselves in a situation where there wasn’t any toilet paper in their local stores due to shortages and they were looking for solutions to the problem of missing out on that bathroom staple.

So, let’s dig into the details. What are the frugal options when it comes to toilet paper? Are there any options that don’t leave people dependent on the toilet paper supply chain?

So… can you really make your own toilet paper?

Unfortunately, if you want to make anything approximating toilet paper that won’t clog your septic system, you’re not going to be making it at home unless you have a lot of specialized equipment that would fill up your basement. You could potentially make some really dreadful toilet paper at home if you wanted to, but it would be unpleasant… Read More

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