Freedom Debt Relief Review

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As of August 2019, the total consumer debt in the United States is $4.12 trillion. Are you among those in debt? is one of the largest debt relief companies in the United States and claims to have settled over $9 billion in debt for over 600,000 clients. Founders Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh started the company to “provide financial solutions, services, and education that enable people to reduce debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom.”

Freedom Debt Relief evaluates customers’ debts, customizes a plan to fit their needs, creates programs, negotiates with creditors and works with customers to reach a settlement. At the end of this process, customers will owe a single monthly payment over an agreed-upon period of time that will add up to less than what they owed before the settlement.

However, settlements are not guaranteed, and the process can destroy your credit. Debt settlement should only be used as a last resort. Make sure you’ve fully explo… Read More

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