Entrepreneur Amit Raizada on Failure and Success

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Image by GuHyeok Jeong from Pixabay 

Successful entrepreneur Amit Raizada has experienced both wins and losses in his career. In a recent interview, he shared some reflections on both.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Threatens Failure for Many Small Businesses

Between millions filing for unemployment and fluctuations in the stock market, the economy is poised for months of uncertainty. While the government’s stimulus package will help relieve some of the pain, Wall Street’s spasms are quickly becoming Main Street’s suffering.

By disrupting international supply chains and rapidly reshaping consumer behavior, analysts fear that the COVID-19 pandemic could prove fatal not just to millions of people, but also to many small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurial ventures.

We sat down with Amit Raizada, a venture capitalist and CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures, who shared some critical insights on how to think about failure. He … Read More

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