Elon Musk's latest song is a hit on SoundCloud

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Elon Musk's latest song is a hit on SoundCloud

Elon Musk is big on SoundCloud. 

Less than a week since he published a new EDM track, Don’t Doubt Your Vibe, on SoundCloud, the song has made it to the platform top 10 “most played” list. 

Musk acknowledged the feat in a tweet, adding that he’s putting that on his Linkedin “for sure.”

8th hottest song on Soundcloud!!https://t.co/5FJNJYc9kA pic.twitter.com/PmoBYJL4in

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 5, 2020

At writing time, Don’t Doubt Your Vibe has actually moved up a spot and now resides in seventh place. 

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Musk’s track has had 2.17 million plays on SoundCloud this week and still has a way to go before dethroning Roddy Ricch, whose tune The Box has been played 6.44 million times.  Read more….. Read More

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