Crowdfunding Your Business Idea: What Works?

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If you have a marketable idea for a business and have a game plan, crowdfunding can be your best bet to get it off the ground.

Simply put, crowdfunding takes place on a platform that allows the public to support your business or idea. It allows future entrepreneurs to raise money to bankroll their small or future business with little to no cost.

Crowdfunding can replace of networking events and investor meetings. Essentially, it streamlines the business process and allows the underdog the chance they need to succeed.


What Can I Use to Get Started?

There are a few different crowdfunding platforms, but the main types of reputable crowdfunding are:

1. Equity-Based

Through equity-based crowdfunding, the donors can receive shares in the company. The campaign creator determines the number of shares each donor will receive. Generally, the… Read More

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