Coronavirus and Your Car Insurance: A Practical Guide

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every part of daily life, from sheltering in place to lost paychecks. While car insurance is no exception, the good news is that every major provider has pledged to help Americans in need like never before. To separate fact from fiction, we spoke with experts and analysts across the country to determine exactly how the coronavirus crisis will affect your car insurance.

Should I change my auto coverage because of COVID-19?

If your auto insurance bill is a burden on your budget right now, Ariana Gibson, Head of Driver Insights at Clearcover, told us, “our recommendation for those customers who are looking to save money on premiums is to contact their insurance provider to discuss increasing their deductible or reducing their limits.”

While you can definitely reach out to your insurance company to see if your lowered mileage could mean a discounted rate, keep the following in mind: Don’t cancel coverage you’ll need in the future…. Read More

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