Can the Keltner Channel Improve Your Forex Trades?

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The Keltner Channel one of several technical indicators that Forex traders rely on. Used in conjunction with other indicators, it can help you to improve your Forex trading.

What Is the Keltner Channel?

Various technical indicators that Forex traders use inform them about the current trends and volatility level of the market. The Keltner Channel is one of these indicators. Devised in the 1960’s by Chester W. Keltner, this indicator is one of several that rely on the use of bands.

Bands in technical indicators have an upper level and a lower level. Traders can learn a great deal from the information between these two levels, or the band. Some common examples of technical indicators that use bands are Bollinger Bands, Envelopes, and Donchian Channels. There are others, as well.

Technical indicators that use bands can help a trader more easily spot levels that have been overbought or oversold, among other factors.

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