Books with Impact: Indistractable

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The “Books with Impact” series takes a deeper look at specific books that have had a profound impact on my financial, professional, and personal growth by extracting specific points of advice from those books and looking at how I’ve applied them in my life with successful results. The previous entry in this series covered The More of Less by Joshua Becker.

Distraction is a constant challenge in the modern world, with smartphones constantly in our pocket dinging us with notifications and infinite entertainment options around us. Distraction has a serious cost for all of us, as it takes us out of the moment, keeps us from producing our best work, and can even disrupt our personal relationships and important life moments.

This is particularly true in the current moment when so many of us are carrying burdens of worry, stress and anxiety. Many of us are adjusting to radical, fast changes to our professional and personal lives and, starved for some ability to make sen… Read More

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