BNP Paribas Acquires Swedish Consumer Credit Business

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Mergers and acquisitions are increasingly the order of the day. The latest development in this arena features the acquisition of SevenDay Finans by BNP Paribas Personal Finance.


About SevenDay’s Appeal for BNP Paribas

The Swedish consumer finance company SevenDay has been managing digital loan processing for its clients, ensuring that they get hassle-free funding. Their acquisition by BNP Paribas Personal Finance makes SevenDay part of Ekspres Bank, a commercial outlet of BNP Paribas Personal Finance that operates in the region. It is important to note that Ekspres Bank is part of a Scandinavian division that BNP Paribas owns.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance has been operating in Denmark since July 2014 as Ekspres Bank, which they acquired following the LaSer Group integration. Through their acquisition of SevenDay Finans, BNP Paribas Perso… Read More

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