Barcodes in the Media Industry

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Barcodes now permeate almost every area of life. Artists use barcodes to inspire masterworks, and architects design buildings based on barcode technology. This post explores the use of barcodes in the media industry.

Barcodes in the Media: Movies

There are countless movies that are based on the use of barcodes. For example, in Alien 3 (1992), the convicts all have barcodes encoded into their necks. In fact, the hero, Ellen Ripley, realizes that the doctor who works there is a convict too, when she notices that he also has a barcode on his neck.

In Fortress (1992), the opening scene involves a barcode scanner scanning a code on John Brennick’s forearm. The movie 12 Monkeys (1993) also involves codes on the necks of convicts.  In The Philadelphia Experiment II (1993), the Nazis tattoo barcodes onto Americans as a means of identification.

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