Authority Website Launch, What You Need To Know

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I launched my first Authority Website in March 2000.

I did not know it was an authority website.

We called them Portals back then. The term “authority website” had not been invented yet.

This first authority site was in a home improvements niche. (more on that later)

I don’t tell you this, to impress you.

I tell you, because I want to establish my “authority” as someone who has built and sold a number of Authority sites.

Authority website creation

Authority Site Content Creation, What You Need To Know

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This post is longer than most. It is tempting to skim – I do that all the time! However on this occasion, if you really want to create an authority site, this could turn out to be the best … Read More

Teens who vape should consider quitting now. Here's how to do it.

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Teens who vape should consider quitting now. Here's how to do it.

After years of declining nicotine use amongst teens, rates have once again surged amongst young people thanks to e-cigarettesOne in four high school students now vapes. 

To many teens, the devices look cool and sleek, not unlike how a cigarette seemed glamorous long ago. They can be easily concealed because they often look like flash drives, flashlights, or pens. They also don’t emit the tell-tale odor of a traditional cigarette. The discreet, even secretive, nature of vaping can give teens a convenient thrill — along with a jolt of nicotine that reduces stress and anxiety. 

Those hits, however, can quickly turn to addiction, and teens are prone to getting hooked on nicotine faster than adults, says Susan Walley, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Tobacco Control. That’s because teens’ brain… Read More

How to Accelerate Your Marketing Consulting Business

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How to Accelerate Your Marketing Consulting Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Free course teaches new and existing marketing consultants how to accelerate their growth and profit. – Enroll here –

Certain practices go into creating a highly profitable marketing consulting or coaching practice.

Most people focus on the doing part – Doing the work to get a client, any client, and then pivoting to the doing part of getting all the stuff done.

Those are essential elements to be sure, but more focus on building a practice in a systematic way – one that starts with defining your business strategy and launches quickly towards building systems to attract and serve your best clients is the ticket to long-term success.

We’ve created a free course that takes advantage of our thirty years of business building and working with and collaborating with hundreds of… Read More

Questions About Rebalancing, Roth Contributions, Cash in Hand, Disney+, and More!

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What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question.
1. Rebalancing my retirement funds
2. 2019 Roth IRA contribution date?
3. Prepping as hobby after this?
4. Work from home new normal?
5. Disney+ and family movie night
6. Withdrawing cash from bank?
7. Helping out while unemployed
8. Mortgage break question
9. Water and routines
10. Early retirement still a goal?
11. Stretching as time to relax
12. Handling the funk

Many of the questions that people have asked recently center around what happens after all of this is over. When things return to normal, what will we do?

The truth is that no one knows what will happen when things return to normal. No one. We all thirst for answers, but we’re at one of those turning points where there are no answers.

<… Read More

How Animal Crossing Made Me a Better Money Manager

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Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” is a huge hit, breaking sales records for the Nintendo Switch as more and more people start looking for ways to pass the time at home. But the game also teaches players about financial responsibility and managing debt.

If you’re not familiar with the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons lets you create a human person who moves to a small island filled with animal people and slowly builds out a home and a life there.

When you first get to the island, you meet with a raccoon named Tom Nook, who was kind enough to set you up with your travel arrangements, your property on the island, and the tent that you get to call your home. In return, he politely demands you pay him about 50,000 bells (the series’ in-game currency).

Once you pay off that debt, Nook decides that tents are no way to live, and offers to build you a house. Hooray!

Also, he leaves you 98,000 bells in debt.</p… Read More

How To Get Help With Your Taxes While Social Distancing

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Tax time can be stressful every year, but tax time during a pandemic presents its own unique challenges. With social distancing measures in place across the country to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are encouraged – and may be required – to find an alternative to the traditional method of sitting down with an accountant to file your taxes.

We reached out to H&R Block, one of our top picks for Best Tax Software for 2020, and financial planning experts to learn more about the best ways to file your taxes while staying a safe distance from others.

H&R Block

H&R Block

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John Oliver tears down every move Trump's made in his coronavirus response

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John Oliver tears down every move Trump's made in his coronavirus response

John Oliver has been covering the new coronavirus for almost a month now, tracking its spread across three detailed videos.

And while he touched on Trump’s response to the pandemic last time around, he really lets the president have it in his latest video — breaking down everything from Trump’s rapidly changing position on the virus to his dismissive response to a request for ventilators.

“Yeah, that’s the problem,” says Oliver, responding directly to Trump’s comments. “Hospitals don’t have that many ventilators and now there’s a pandemic. Trump must be so confused by fire departments: ‘You walk into most houses, they’ve got some sinks, maybe a few cups — now all of a sudden they’re on fire and they say they need hundreds of gallons of water sprayed with hoses. I just … Read More

25 Simple, Free Things To Do While Stuck at Home

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You’re stuck at home. For a lot of us, there are other people there, too, all the time. The news is difficult to watch. There’s some cabin fever going on. There’s stress about our own health and about the health of loved ones. For a lot of us, there’s stress about our jobs and what things will be like after everything is over.

Even worse, a lot of the typical outlets for dealing with stress and anxiety aren’t available. Most of us can’t go out to restaurants, bars or shops. In some areas, the option to just go on a simple walk is unavailable.

There’s endless online entertainment to buy, but with such intense economic uncertainty, that might not be the best idea, either.

To make matters even worse, if there aren’t healthy ways to deal with the stress, it can result in a weakened immune system,

As someone who has worked from home for many years while also dealing with health concerns of loved ones, I’ve … Read More

Looking Ahead

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We are living through an unprecedented moment in modern history, the type of moment that we tell our children and grandchildren about in the future. The world will have likely changed in notable ways between the time I write this and the time you’re reading it. It feels unbelievable and scary and confusing all at the same time. This is an incredible chapter in the history of our lives, individually and collectively.

Yet, for almost all of us, it’s not the last chapter.

As this moment passes and life returns to some level of normalcy (likely with some changes, though those remain to be seen), many of the familiar cycle of life will return with it.

We’ll return to work in a more normal way. We’ll return to school. We’ll return to our houses of worship. We’ll gather again in our public places. We’ll travel. We’ll meet up with friends. We’ll have parties.

That sense of normalcy might feel far distant from … Read More