Amanda Gorman's Super Bowl poem honors pandemic heroes

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Amanda Gorman's Super Bowl poem honors pandemic heroes

Amanda Gorman is the first poet to perform at the Super Bowl. 

The 22-year-old poet, who became the youngest inaugural poet when she performed at President Biden’s inauguration last month, honored the three captains chosen to participate in the Super Bowl coin toss this year. In her poem “Chorus of the Captains,” Gorman nodded to teacher Marine Corps veteran James Martin, teacher Trimaine Davis, and ICU nurse Suzie Dorner, who all gave back to their community amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Today we honor our three captains for their actions and impact during a time of uncertainty and need,” Gorman recited in a prerecorded segment. “They’ve taken the lead, exceeding all expectations and limitations, uplifting their communities and neighbors as leaders, healers and educators.” Read more…

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